Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Its Time for the Long Trip

I'm leaving For Israel today, back to my family, and my home for the time being. I will be at the Airport by around 7AM, and will be on the Ground in Israel, by 3:30 the next afternoon, if everything goes according to schedule.
So as I said in my previous post, I have a new determination to make Photography a bigger part of my life. So today I would like to introduce my new website taintedelephant.com, and invite you to come and take a look at my work, and say hello. I have heard it from many people and about many forms of art, but the basic message that I have gotten is that if I want to be a successful photographer, I have to do it, I need to make it my job, and the most important thing in my life. well I plan on doing almost that. I have a family and they are of course the most important part of my life, and as such I can't afford to fail, at this adventure, so I plan on giving 100% to the project, and 100% to my family, which means I will probably have to give a piece to my day job, whatever that might be. So I am going to be one tired boy. Just a quick round of thanks, without, my wife, and daughter, my mom and sister, my friends in Wyoming, my friend Tim who is hosting my site, and Kirk Tuck who gave me inspiration, and fellow photographer/blogger Udi who took the same jump recently, I would not be able to do this, thank you.


  1. Have a safe trip, Robert. I know you will do well in your pursuit of the American Dream. Your photography is wonderful,insightful and inspiring! Keep in touch. Godspeed to you and your family. See ya around the internet! :-)

  2. Good Luck. Family is everything.