Tuesday, July 2, 2013

When I Gel My Flash I Really Gel My Flash

In my last post I talked about stacking figurative boxes in order to think outside the proverbial box. 
This weekend I did a little shoot where I stacked, or combined a few of my recent fascinations, lighting containers from inside, flowers, and non-Newtonian fluid.

Thinking Outside the Box

I have just realized that thinking outside the box is a lofty goal. Why? Because the box is fucking huge. there are no original ideas. Humans have been around for a bigillion years, give or take, and we have been creating since our birth. I recently did a shoot with my favorite model Zoey. I never thought it was cutting edge, but I figured it was fairly original. Well someone came along and said it reminded them of a scene from Legend. Well, whatever. I still intend to keep reaching for the lid so I can get outside of the box. My plan is to take those boxes that are inside of the box, and stack them up and climb. This makeshift staircase of ideas will eventually evolve into something that has no resemblance to the bottom box, and worst case, I'll be able to knock on the lid and ask to come out.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Walk On The Strip

About once or twice every month I'll take a walk on The Strip, mostly for exercise, and to do some people watching. I never take my camera, because I just cant get excited about the subjects out there. last weekend, I caught a glimpse of the TI sign through a window of the Venetian, that made me realize that I was looking at the whole scene like a groundhog day seen it all before bored out of my mind tourist. It's all about perspective. Once I took a step forward and a step or two back, and held my head right, the only thing left to do was take the shot. To check out the whole series, as shot strait out of the camera head over to my Photobucket.