Saturday, January 22, 2011

28 hours at Ben Gurion Airport

It appears that every time I fly out of Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, the Chaos escalates. I don't dare do it again, or I might lose a limb. My family and I were scheduled to take the 5:30 A.M. Lufthansa  flight from Tel Aviv to Frankfort, and then Boston.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

142 Days in Little Russia

Jackob's ladder at the center of Ganey Aviv

On September first I arrived back in Israel. I had been in America, between Las Vegas and my home town of Riverton, WY. It was a mixed bag of emotions. I was very happy to be in an English speaking country amongst a culture I understand. At the same time I was alone without my family. Well as you may know things did not go according to plan, and so that I did not miss my daughters birthday (it still amazes and scares me that I am responsible for another human being) I came back to try to make another attempt at creating a comfortable life for us. Well it could have gone better, but we will soon be back in America together. My wife, daughter (fear and amazement) and my mother in law. I have to make sure to thank my wifes mother for bringing us to Israel and to thank her and repay her with everything but my first born (she can borrow her from time to time) for leading us out of Israel, and into a new life in America.