Tuesday, July 2, 2013

When I Gel My Flash I Really Gel My Flash

In my last post I talked about stacking figurative boxes in order to think outside the proverbial box. 
This weekend I did a little shoot where I stacked, or combined a few of my recent fascinations, lighting containers from inside, flowers, and non-Newtonian fluid.
First off I made my slime by more or less following these instructions. I used Elmer's washable clear school glue, and diet tonic water to make the glue solution. The gel glue made the slime more transparent, and the tonic water gave it bubbles, and should make it black light reactive (I haven't tested it yet) due to the properties of Quinine.  I then put one of my small strobes in the can, and another off to the right slightly elevated to keep it from lighting my table. Both of these were full power with a double layer of Office Depot Blue gel. I lit the can with my studio strobe, set at 1/32, and a 33" umbrella. finally I used a reflector, on the right for fill mostly for the flower. here is what it looks like all set up.

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