Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Here I Go Again

Yesterday, I left Riverton for the 3rd time in my life. I love Riverton, but it is a bit small, and Life, Love, and just a gut feeling, are taking me back to Israel for an indefinate amount of time. My trip back to the US, and Riverton have given me a sence of determinatoin to live for my art, after my family of course. I dont know where exactly my inspiration came from but I got a burst of enthusiasm for a project that will be the most sugnifigant thing that I have ever done in the art and photography world. A few years ago I created a web site called The Tainted Elephant. it was fun, but not verry focused. Well I have been working on a reincarnation of that site, because I am ready to make my art available for purchase. in the next week, the new site will be fully up and running and available for the world. I have many people to thank for my sudden burst of courage, that allowed me to make this happen. most important is my Wife who encourages me at all times and is always behind me no matter what. another big emcouragement, came form my friend Tim who sugested the site long before I was ready to even think about it. He also is hosting it for me, if you need computers hosting or have any other communication needs he is your man, check him out. my last thanks goes to a photographer that I have grown to respect Kirk Tuck, we dont know each other, but I read his blog and lateley, almost like he wants to encourage me he has been posting the most ispirational posts that appear to be directed right at me. Thanks Kirk.


  1. You're welcome. Thank you for being there to read them. Does anyone even look at the pictures? :-)

  2. Of course, they are great, and your words are even more great.