Monday, June 7, 2010

Zombie Day and My Batting Average

I have read about many photographers shooting massive amounts in a day just to produce a minute amount of finished product. In an extreme instance, one successful stock photographer along with his assistant shoots 8,000 images in one day in order to get 50 sellable images. thats an average of .00625 if I did the math correct. So I shouldn't be afraid to press the shutter a few more times, just in case it might not turn out. I don't know my "average" but I'm pretty sure its better than .00625. I was a little lazy today and in a hurry to share my work w/ the parents of the Zombies I was photographing, so I uploaded every single shot I took to my photobucket account, without any post processing, or even sorting. So if anyone wants to see a visual representation of my batting average (open to interpretation) its right here. so have at it. I'm not worried about it take a look at my'failures right next to my successes.

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