Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trudging on to a new begining

Once upon a time I used to think that a dream come true was something for those with the luxury of a dream. But that was simply because I didn't know what my dreams were. Now I have a faint Idea of what my dreams are, but I don't understand them.
I like Love to create. if I am using my hands and something happens I'm happy. this could be something simple like assembling a piece of furniture, or very complex like building a house (thats one of my dreams). One of my favorite things to create are pictures. I can take a simple snapshot, or I could go crazy setting up the perfect shot, or I could take several elements and put them on a canvas and go crazy. The harder I work and the closer my images come to my vision the happier I am. Las Vegas offers me a great deal in materials, resources and venues for me to show my art. there are several photography shops, art stores, office supplies hardware stores, etc. etc. but I don't know if its where I want to be. Besides all of that the unemployment rate in Nevada is getting close to 15%, and I don't exactly fit in to the typical grind sort of work. So I'm headed to Wyoming, again. I have an opportunity in Wyoming that isn't guaranteed, but is 99% likely to happen. So I'll be giving that A try. Well What about my art? its going to happen. so what if a town of 10,000 only has one art supply store, a print shop that is only open while I am at work, and no real alternative art venues. I don't care. I intend to use the place as an inspiration to create masterpieces, and I don't care if they ever sell, I am ready to create art for the sake of creating art. period, end of story. And of course like many photographers, I am center-brained, so to think of it from the logical perspective, the cost of living is lower, the commute shorter, etc. etc.   Photobucket

These are just some of the images that I shot while living in Wyoming. They don't even represent the best of my vision, watch out world!

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