Friday, April 9, 2010

You Never Know What You Are Going To Get Into

When I was about 13 I joined the Middle School Cross Country Team. Why? Because I bought a pair of skis the previous summer. I was a smart kid but maybe I had some crazy ideas. I used the cross country skis every chance I got that winter. the following rear I responded to a school announcement for the cross country team. I showed up and said I am here to join the ski team. I got some looks and then was able to play it off like I was joking around, after I found out what cross country was really all about.

We all have stories like that. The smallest thing can lead to much bigger things. Like the time My mom took me to lunch at McDonald's, that lead to a business relationship, that lead to a bad blind date, leading to a bad relationship. That relationship caused me to start a search for the woman I would marry, have a beautiful baby w/ and then go half way around the world w/. So when a butterfly flaps its wings some crazy shit happens.

I think it is like making God laugh by telling him your plans for life. when you set out to tell a story w/ your camera, keep an open mind. Sure you should have a plan, but don't let your plan get in the way. Take a reasonable amount of extra gear w/ you and keep your eyes open. Don't let your plan distract you, and don't let bad distractions ruin your plan. Good distractions can lead you to something fun. speaking of distractions, I am currently enjoying one of the most beautiful train rides I have been on for a while. The clouds are beautiful fluffy abstract sculptures on a light blue background (I am imagining what a polarizing filter will do). the spring time weather is hard to describe, and there is a perfect mix of the brown of the earth, the green trees, and the gold of the fresh cut and baled hay. Me w/ no camera. I'll have to enjoy it while I can. Now, I almost let the bad distraction of the incompetent train supervisor distract me from my good distraction.

Lets go out and see where our distractions take us.

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  1. Yup, we never know where one thing will lead us. What made me get a job that had over 200 interviews, then have my boss check a website for him and his clients, only to come across your picture and know that I would one day be with you. Me a million miles away and you unaware of the nightmares ahead of you ;) lol