Friday, April 2, 2010

The 99 Percent

I think every artist has the same problem. We believe that 99% of our work is complete crap. I mean we can see every flaw in it and and don't see a way to make it better. so we get upset that we wasted so much time on this horrible thing. that leaves us one percent the percent that we gave just as much love as the other 99 then we liked what we did and gave it that much more. Its that one piece in 100 that makes all of that "wasted Time" worth while. Then someone comes along and crushes your euphoria w/ a polite and honest criticism, or worse yet by saying that they like one of our other 99% better. Well don't despair its your art and you like it, and someone will appreciate it the way you do. ...and that other 99%, its not as bad as you think.

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