Saturday, March 13, 2010

my realistic wish list

I could make an extravagant wish list including anything and everything any one could want. well that's a little boring to me. so this is my realistic wish list, its the things that aren't impossible for me to get in the near future. basically everything I have is in my camera bag so aside from a couple of diy gadgets that I made I have a lot of needs wishes to address.

 I want lighting gear, the only thing that I have is a spider light and my pop up flash. So to fill this void I would like 2 or 3 fully adjustable flash units. Why manual you ask. well for 2 reasons first they are cheaper than dedicated units, and second I have a philosophy that I shouldn't leave creative decisions to a machine. during my learning curve I'm sure I'll be wishing for that dedicated flash unit when I produce some awful pictures. ... but I know that once I get the hang of it my shots will far surpass the average shots that the dedicated units produce. So which flashes, well only the best that money can buy of course. NO NO NO there are 2 units from Gadget Infinity that will do just fine. The first is the KF36 which is packed full of features and only about $90. The second is the  YN460-II which also has quite a few features and also can be adjusted in 46 levels from zero to full, and sells for about $60. I would put sync cords on my list but GI has an alternative that is better and Ive heard about 95 percent (my keyboard wont give me the symbol) as reliable, and quite inexpensive for what they are. Wireless flash trigger the v4 is about $40, w/ additional receivers for about $25 each. I think their best deal would be a portrait kit which has 2 flashes one transmitter and 2 receivers + some additional gear for like $240. This site is so inexpensive that its barely worth going DIY for things like light stands and soft boxes but I think I will. Next thing I want are 4 PVC light stands, and a background stand. After that I want some light modifiers for my flashes. Just the basics like a beauty dish,  a soft light panel frame, and a grid spot.  I just realized that I dont have a background for my stand. and one last thing A clamps .

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  1. My birthday is on July 9th but no need to wait that long LOL.