Friday, February 19, 2010

What is in your camera bag?

I want to know whats in your camera bag, and why. Especially that stuff that doesn't seem to belong.

In my bag I have my Canon Rebel w/ 18-55 mm kit lens, the 35-80 mm kit lens from my film Rebel, a 2x teleconverter, lens hood, a macro filter set +1 +2 +4, a polarizing filter, 80a and r2 filters (don't know why I keep the last 2 they are left over from when I shot film) the camera manual, "Kodak pocket guide to 35mm photography" (its about 75% relevant to digital) 1/2 1 and 8 gig CF cards,remote shutter release, lens pen, micro fiber lens cloth, red and black fine tip markers, pencil and 2 notebooks. I also carry a medium quality Nikon tripod (couldn't tell you the model) that my wife got me for our anniversary, but it doesn't fit in my Tamrac day bag.

Most of the time I shoot landscapes or macroish still lifes w/ my old lens because it fits all of my filters and teleconverter and the new lens doesn't. I keep the new lens w/ me in case I need to shoot wide, which is rare but it happens.My approach to most situations is get close, if you think that you are close enough get closer. I will very often stack all of my macro filters zoom into 80 mm and use the teleconverter. this gets me really close. Of course when I do this DOF is so shallow its scary. that leads me to my next standard practice of mine. stop down the lens all of the way. at 80mm w/ my lens that's f32 (I'm half way to joining the f64 club). That's why I have a tripod, I'm sure you understand why. I capture all of this 8 gig CF card (another anniversary gift,its like 20 rolls of film shooting raw). I've never filled this card in 1 day, but if I do I'll be prepared w/ another 1.5 gigs. Everything else is a bit boring and standard. I don't know why I have the markers but you never know what might come up.

So what's in your bag?

next time perhaps our wish lists.


  1. I forgot one verry important thing for the camera bag, because I forgot to take it on the trip I was on whenI wrote this. the batery charger, its like your mastercard IMO (dont leave home w/o it). And even though I dont have one perhaps you should take a date time battery w/ you.

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