Sunday, January 8, 2012

It Has Been A While

A couple of months ago, I let my painting muse out of the closet. She had been locked in there for at least eight years. I expected her to be pissed off, and come out swinging, but she came out gently.
Here are my five most recent works in the order of their creation with a little insight into my inspiration. The first two are transfers of two of my photographs, with the first being overpainted and the second just a strait transfer. no aha inspiration, just a vision I had to get onto canvas for the world to see.

The next one is based on a poem I wrote a couple of years ago, when I put myself into a bad spot I didn't see myself getting out of.
It is dark
I can not see
Waiting for the sun to rise
It is cold
I can not keep warm
Waiting for the sun to rise
If I could throw a rope
Over the mountain
And pull the sun up
I would, I can not
Wait for the sun to rise

The next was inspired by a Colin Hay (formerly of Men at Work) song, titled Waiting for My New Life to Begin. It mirrors my current internal struggle with wanting to improve myself, and being paralyzed, by my depression, or my fear or both.

The last is similar to some of my older work, which are "action paintings" they were and are inspired by my emotions at the time of their creation. This one was frustration, after spending too much time working on the front end of my Jeep, thinking I was almost done and then hitting one last snag.
I hope you enjoy them, and of all of the work I do these are the ones I would love to hear your feed back on the most.

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