Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stick On A Box

Since I have recently moved into a home with a studio space, I will be doing a lot of DIY projects for the studio. My first project that I want to share with you is my variation on the stick in a can. This is the perfect and inexpensive light, background, reflector, and everything holder. My stick on a box is essentially the same as a stick in a can, but the stick is removable, and interchangeable, it has a handle, and is easy to store, when disassembled. As far as price I will admit that cans are much cheaper, but with one sheet of 7/16 OSB (wafer-board, oriented strand board) whiich costs about $8, you can make 10, eight inch boxes.

Tools and materials for a S.O.B.

To make the box  cut 4 pieces of OSB 8" x 8" and one 8"x 8 7/8" and made a cube from it, using drywall screws. When you screw into the edge of OSB you must pre-drill it or it will split. Attach a piece of 2 x 3 to the inside of the box. The 2 x 3 will be an anchor for the screws that you use to hold your external stick. Now that you have a box mix up your cement. I recommend using ready mix, you just add water and its ready to go. Don't make it too wet, because the OSB will soak up the excess water and get damaged.  Once your cement is dry(ish) you can attach a piece of 1x3 across the top of your box to act as a handle. Now attach your stick or pole or whatever you want to the side of the box and you have a stick on a box.

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