Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Card

So I was working at my day job today, the one that puts food on the table while my photography career develops. A young lady who knows me comes and asks me, "why are you here in the mall cleaning the floor, if your business card says you're a photographer?". That made me think about a few things.
First, did she come up with that question or was it her mother? Is it because her mother distrusts photographers who have other jobs? Is that because of pick up artists who pretend to be photographers to meet women? And my mind just kept going. Let me put on record, that if I ever catch someone trying to pick up on a woman with the line "you know I'm a photographer" I will kick him squarely between this legs, if she doesn't beat me to it. I was also wondering if she had ever heard the term starving artist. My card does read Visual Artist/ Photographer. That is for many reasons, first I do produce other art besides photography, my photography has a mostly artistic focus, it's not portraiture or fashion or editorial, etc, and because all photography is an art form. So why am I cleaning the floor at the mall if my card says that I am a photographer? Well because I am on a journey, heading to the place where I might make a living by my art, but where I don't want being commercially successful to get in the way of being artistically fulfilled. and of course because there is no room on my card to make it say Visual Artist/ Photographer/ Janitor. Sorry if it was a bit of a rant, you are just lucky you weren't inside my head with me today.
Since I've got your attention did you see my calendar.

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